sports videos

                           WE CAN USE YOUR FOOTAGE!

Working with a limited budget? Already have your own video footage? SAVE! 
We can create a professional recruit video using your video!

Download our Video Edit Worksheet and you select which plays to include in your video.You must be able to play your video tapes back on a VCR or Camcorder and use the real time counter (hour:minute:second) to designate the IN and OUT points on the video edit sheet. Download our Sports Video flyer for more details on how our services work. Call us to arrange a consultation to discuss your video project. Once we establish which services are required, location(s) of the shoot, complexity of editing, and final production format(s), we can provide you with a quote.

BASIC PACKAGE - $149.00 plus tax
1 Video Source (VHS. VHS-C, Video 8, miniDV, or DVD)
Up to 15 Clips or Plays.
Player highlighted at start of each play (team sports only)
Introduction: includes photo, name, school, position, player number, stats.
Progressive music during introduction and end of video.
FREE video storage for up to 1 year.
3 copies of finished DVD (titled and in DVD case).

PREMIUM PACKAGE - $279.00 plus tax
Includes the Basic Package plus the following:
Up to 3 video sources (VHS/-C, Video 8, miniDV, DVD)
Up to 25 clips or plays.
Personal Interview taping (deduct $30 if excluded)
10 copies of finished DVD (titled and in sleeves)

Additional Clips  - $5.00 each
Extra DVD’s  - $5.00 each (in sleeve)
Personal Interview - $74.00 (2 min. long max.)

The purpose of a sports recruit video is to obtain a college acceptance offer and/or sports scholarship for your student. You want to present an impacting video highlighting the student's talent, team leadership, values and personality. A professionally shot and produced sports recruit video will be watched in its entirety by any recruiter.... guaranteed! We know what recruiters are looking for and how to keep their focus on your student. During the initial planning stage we work as a partner with the parent to develop the best planned video.
We charge flat rates for video taping the event(s), editing and producing the final product. You are in complete control of the investment you make in your students sports recruit video.

We typically use a single camera mounted on a fluid-head tripod from a strategically positioned high-point or clear line of site of your student as they perform. It is up to you how many games we record. We record wide establishing shots pulling in to a medium-to-full shot of your student and the action immediately around them capturing their personal skills and techniques. We can also incorporate the use of a Glide-Cam 4000 professional camera stabilizing system as seen on NFL football. This device allows us to follow the action with a stable image just as if the camera was  "floating"  in the air!
We then take the footage back to our studio where we edit it into clips. Each clip will start with a highlighted or shaded circle around your student during the first few seconds to identify positioning of your student for the recruiter. Then play starts. Each clip should be of a single play.

We included a titled introduction at the beginning of your DVD which can include your students, name, number, position and photo. We also recommend incorporating photos of the team, trophies or awards your student achieved, as well as stats (where available). We can also conduct brief interviews with your student, the coach, and a teammate or two to establish your student's role, value and skills to the recruiter.

It is recommended to keep the video to 15 minutes maximum. Usually, a recruiter will only scan through a video if it is poorly produced, too long, or hard to identify who the student of interest is. Our team will produce for you a professional, impacting video incorporating driving music and quick, clear movement and a message that will leave any recruiter wanting more!