300 Feet

100 Feet

1st 200 Feet
>200 Feet
20¢ /ft.
>1500 Feet
18¢ /ft.
>3000 Feet
17¢ /ft.
Add Music

$39.75 per DVD

(30 reels max)

Sound Film
10¢ /ft. additional
Custom Titles
$1.00 ea
Blu-Ray (HD)
10¢ per ft. additional

50 Feet

film transfers

                         DVD VIDEO ALBUMS vs THE COMPETITION

WE CLEAN & LUBRICATE YOUR FILM to ensure the best quality appearance. Competition does not.

WE USE ADVANCED FRAME-BY-FRAME HIGH DEFINITION transfer systems to prevent flicker, ghosting, and digital artifacts. Competition does not.

WE DO NOT COMBINE YOUR REELS TOGETHER Each individual film reel gets it's own chapter on your DVD. Competition does not.

WE RETURN YOUR FILM REELS along with your new DVD or microSD card! Competition does not or charges you extra!

WE CREATE CUSTOM MUSIC TRACKSfrom a library of over 2000 songs one song per every 50 ft of film. Competition does not.

FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY for all film DVD's. Competition does not.


STEP 1: Using a permanent marker, number your reels, cans, and boxes in the order you wish to view them on the DVD.

STEP 2: Select Film Menu Title Form The form will open then select "Download", save, complete and send along with your reels.

STEP 3: Select the reel size(s), quantity, and whether "silent" or "sound".

STEP 4: Select add-ons if you want (Music Styles Form or Custom Titles Form). Select "Download", save, complete and return with film.

STEP 5: Contact us FIRST! For instructions on how to ship484-941-5292

200 Feet

400 Feet

        Our machines use a sprocket-less drive system that protects you film from potential

        damage typical of other sprocket driven projectors and transfer devices.

        True, total frame discretion means the clearest, most crisp picture possible!



                                                       WHAT'S INCLUDED 

Film Cleaning and processing of your film.
Frame-by-Frame scanning of your film virtually eliminating all flicker, ghosting, and digital artifacts for the clearest, most crisp picture possible! "Dead" or blank footage exceeding 20 seconds will be removed from the video file. 2 stages of professional color balance and correction. During capture and again in post production. Resolution will be boosted to near high definition quality.

DVD Scene Selection Menu:  We add a Scene Selection menu to your transferred film which includes up to 8 Chapters per menu page providing quick and easy navigation to any particular part of your DVD.Main menu page with music incorporating you project title. Orders with 2 or more reels will include a sub-menu page with music & basic titles (e.g. "Reel 1", "Reel 2", etc.) for direct access to each reel of film.  Animated Scene Selection buttons that loop 30 seconds of each reel of film. Opening film projector video to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Reel Titles: We include generic reel titles "Reel 1", "Reel 2", etc. on the Scene Selection menu and the first 5 seconds of each film reel. Custom Titles available as an Option.

Splicing & Repairs: When transferring your precious films, we take every precaution necessary to handle your film as delicately as possible. In the event your old film splices come apart, we repair them FREE of charge!

1 Professional Grade DVD in a hard plastic storage case with full color insert.

FREE storage of your master film DVD(s).

Just return the damaged DVD and we'll ship you a replacement FREE of charge!

                                                            COOL OPTIONS!
 Add Custom titles to your film reels: We can add Custom titles such as “Summer Vacation 1968” which display on the Scene Selection page and at the start of each of your film reels!

Add a Musical Soundtrack to your DVD: 

We can add legally licensed professional quality

44k (CD Quality) music to tastefully match the look and feel of your film.